Cogitatio, Dubitatio, Destruam et Aedificabo.
~ Thursday, June 20 ~
I’m not coming at it as a politician, it’s my own personal experience. And I just think that that’s just what people want to put out there, you know, “You don’t have the right to talk about this”. And they use me as a puppet to explain that to you, that only people who, you know, have a PhD in this shit are allowed to talk about this. Or that only politicians are allowed to talk about politics, and that’s why we’re fucked, because the cycle is constantly kept within that fucking framework. There aren’t more people standing up and telling their personal experience…if a normal civilian comes up and says “Hey, this happened in my village and I’m not happy about it”, we’re not allowed to talk about it. You have to follow this bureaucratic bullshit to get any sort of action, and it’s all part of this cycle. Like back in the day, we had ideals of revolution and fighting back, and most of the time that shit starts with individual people having personal relationships, these experiences. And now it’s so disconnected and the media can paint a picture for you…they make so much bureaucracy and politics, and I think taking away the personal aspects, the human aspects of these political issues is really wrong. Whether it’s the floods, or starving people in Africa, or whatever. It’s all funnelled through this channel, you really are not getting it from the horse’s mouth, you know?
M.I.A., Boston Phoenix (2010)
Tags: m.i.a. Politics Social People Bureaucracy Government Revolution Media
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